The 6 Phases of Involution

The 6 Phases of Involution

I’d like to begin this series with establishing six phases of inner revolution, which I will refer to as ‘In-volution’. I want you all to keep in mind that I am no “expert” or “professional”, so take the information I will provide as simply an outside perspective.  These six phases are cycles of transformation we undergo repeatedly throughout life and they may overlap each other. The six phases include: 

  1. Disillusionment
  2. Introspection
  3. Tranquility
  4. Regeneration
  5. Breakthrough
  6. Transmutation

I will discuss each of these phases in depth as the series progresses. Let’s first understand what In-volution actually is. 

What is In-volution?

If you go and look at the google definition of the word involution, it will not really fit the context. Instead, I am going to put my own spin on the word and refer to it as ‘In-volution’. The definition of volution is a rolling or revolving motion, also a spiral turn. In-volution is the constant state of spiraling inward. Spiral is the key word here, reminding you that this process is cyclical. You may have heard someone say downward spiral before, which usually has a negative connotation attached to it. However, in the process of in-volution, a downward spiral has to occur in order to gain momentum for an upward spiral. 

Picture this: You are on a trampoline and you want to jump as high as you can. You start a few jumps to get you there but you are not able to get as high as you want yet. In order to jump higher, you have to power down deeper from the rise of your jump. Then, as you continue jumping, coming down deeper and deeper, you rise higher and higher. 

That is In-volution: digging deep within your soul to first reconnect with your core being, and then using that inner harmony to catapult you into your ethereal nature. 

Taking the first step

The beginning of In-volution is daunting. You are unsure of yourself and you are unsure of your direction. None of that matters though because what matters, is that you decided it was time for a change. That change is one within, in which you decide that the false self you have been relating to is not really you. You are ready to rebel against that false sense of identity so that you can get back to your true being. Your true essence is calling out to you and you are headed to reconnect to that essence. That is when the journey begins and your transformation commences. Throughout the six phases, you learn to let love in and form a new trusting connection with self. As this occurs, you face all of your darkness as you reach deep inside for the light that has been buried away. Once you tap into that light, you feel love again because you have reawakened the true you. Your power lies in that love and acceptance you gain for yourself. 

You can decide to take that first step or you may be triggered into that first step. That trigger could be the effect of a break up, traumatic life experience, or even just a bad day. No matter the reason, the first step is the beginning of an inner war you’ve already won. Phase one: disillusionment, begins the unraveling of your false self causing you to enter into phase two and introspect each piece of your puzzle. These two phases allow you to separate the real you from the facade you created. Once you have trailed the dark paths of your soul, you then move into Phase three, a state of tranquility, because you have reconnected to your core being again. You may trail back and forth between your light and dark aspects as you enter into Phase four: regeneration. Regeneration allows a rebirth of your truth, a renewed way of being that no longer stems from your nonacceptance of self. Like a seed planted, you will slowly grow into your truth, cutting away any prior illusions related to who you are. Through this process of cutting your "weeds" and watering your mind, body, and soul back to health, you reach Phase five: a breakthrough. This breakthrough is a sense of clarity and certainty that you came here to be just who you are because who you are is your purpose. During this breakthrough, your light aspects begin to shine through your dark aspects which leads you to the final phase: transmutation. Transmutation is the final purification of your soul. You have released all that you are not and accepted all that you are, both light and dark, "good" and  "bad". This final phase leaves you with a new profound connection with self. This deep connection with self helps to align you with whatever path you are to follow. 

Each phase may present itself differently for each person. Everyone has their own life to live and path to follow. Sometimes, you get stuck in a loop, having to experience a certain phase over and over because there was one puzzle piece you skipped. This journey back to self can be lonely, confusing, pointless, or scary but, the end result of inner harmony is worth it. In-volution is constant just as growth, even when it seems stagnant. Be patient with yourself, love yourself, and learn yourself. Tune in to the next few posts, for an in-depth perspective on each phase.  Allow this information to marinate in your mind, body, and soul.

Ask yourself: What facade have I created to be accepted by the outside world? In what ways do I hide my true self? 

With Luv always,

Kyla Robinson

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