Sewing Club

Sew'L Train Logo

Mission: To connect, train, and create. 
Motto: Sew. Grow. Groove.

Sew'L Train is an enrichment branch of Rebel Luv. It is a niche community club created to be a resource and a connecting space for self-taught sewists and other creatives. Sew'L Train provides digital sewing content and hosts sewing-lead, in-person events.


Why Sew'L Train?

Sew'L Train community emphasizes horizontal networking, working as a team to further personal skills/knowledge. Sew'L Train allows self-taught designers to learn through interactive and social learning. Everyone has a unique experience and can provide some wisdom for the self-taught journey. It is a space for everyone to get involved and learn from each other even if they seem to be on the same level. It is an opportunity to create connections with other creatives leading to networking, collaboration, and creative advancement.