Rebel Luv is an eclectic brand for those passionate about freedom of self-expression. Rebel Luv is defined as the act of choosing to be oneself, which is an act of self-love. Rebels choose to live freely and boldly as their true selves and spreads love to others in any way they can. 

Our mission is to invoke love, authenticity, and freedom in every human reached. We create eccentric products that are bold, colorful, affirming, and growth-centered.

The Rebel Luv logo uses the rainbow as a reminder that every human has a light and that light shines out in many different colors. A Rebel Luver chooses their own hue to color in the world and doesn't let anyone dim their shine along the way.

Our Motto: 
Be Bold. Be Free. Be a Rebel.
Our Values: 
LOVE: Every human deserves love. 
AUTHENTICITY: Always be yourself.
GROWTH: Growth is the goal.
FREEDOM: There is freedom in self-expression.

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